Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contests,blog hops & new quilting fiction

Monday a big annoucement by sewcalgal and a new blog hop. Not a lot of bloggers but we have a very special event to share with you. Great giveaways! I will update my blog when the details are out. Stay tuned!

My Daughters Twisted Bargello

I have entered a bargello quilt in Quilt Blogger's Weekly Themed Quilt Contest. There are a several spectacular quilts, and while you're there, please, please, please vote for my quilt, My Daughters Twisted Bargello!!!

For those who love quilt-related fiction books, new author Melinda Evaul has just released book #1 of a fiction series about the struggles and joys of life in rural America. The novels are based on fictional charaters of the town Love Valley, NC. She has a wonderful giveaway for quilters on her Melinda Evaul Blog too...


  1. Great minds think alike. You and entered the same style bargello quilt into the entry. I like your colorway although it's completely different than mine. I enjoyed participating (although I won't win) and looking at all the different styles of bargello quilts submitted into the challenge.

  2. Beautiful bargello. And I'm looking forward to the comingweek. Thanks for the shout out!


  3. I like a good tease, Judy. Looking forward to the event.

  4. Thanks for posting about my novel Grow Old With Me.

    I voted for your daughter's lovely quilt. Looks very complicated.

    I'll be signing books in Love Valley, NC on April 22,23. And I'll be in Lynchburg, TN on April 30. I'd love to see your followers there. If you can't make it...visit me on my website or Facebook. Details about these appearances will be on my event pages. for a paperback edition
    Amazon Kindle Store-ebook edition
    Melinda Evaul-Author on FaceBook

    I'll put a link to your blog on my website links page. Thanks for your support!! :-)

  5. I love the bargello in those colors! I have yet to be brave enough to tackle one! I am trying to tackle and learn my EQ7! I did tackle the book "Grow Old With Me" with great success!
    Great Book and Great person! I was honored to meet Melinda and spend time with her in Statesville, NC area and introduce her to our local Quilt Shops.

  6. A lovely quilt - how did your daughter do?


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